Tuesday, March 22, 2011


There is just a little over 4 months before leaving to get all of my preparation done. I'm posting this list here not only as a resource for someone planning a trip like this, but also to keep all my info in one place so I can easily reference it.

  • Create a blog. Blogger is very easy to setup and looks decent with minimal effort. 

  • Several Dr. appointments to try and get myself fixed up before I go.

  • Get my teeth scrubbed 
  • See a travel Dr. for vaccines and travel medications . Good Vaccine List  about half way down.

  • Get a TON of MP3 audio books and Podcasts

  • Start reading more often. Get use to being completely unplugged! And these books cant come with you.

  • Get International Drivers License. Offered through your local AAA.

  • Have Extra Pages added to Passport.  I have learned that this is easy to do on the road at many US embassies.

  • Get travel friendly Credit Cards and Banks. I can imagine the fees already!

  • Get all finances and important mail set up to be viewed online easily.

  • Make color copies of all important documents for myself and my family. Passport, US and International Drivers License, Credit Cards, Insurance info, tentative itinerary.
  • Make a list of important info I will need to carry like embassy locations and culture/ language notes. 
  • Learn quick full body stretches.
    • Continue learning healthy ways of eating and new recipes. This will help keep me in top shape and be easier on the wallet.
    • Decide which few countries I would like to see first and check their climates. I'm considering Guatemala, Peru, India, Australia, South Africa... all good for beginners like myself.
    • Get into better shape. Be able to walk 10 miles comfortably with pack, run at least 3 miles and do 45 prison cell push ups. That means long hikes every weekend.
    • Get down to a healthier weight
    • Get rid of all household items. YARD SALE
    • Cancel all subscriptions and plans (house utilities, cell phone, Netflix, etc.) 
    • Store important documents and a couple other small items at families house. Suit, a few tools, photos, a bit of ransom money (just in case)
    • Sell truck. Anyone want to buy a pickup truck? FRESH Paint!!!! 

    • Find new home for my pets.  The only downside I see to this. 
    • Quit my job. 
    • Walk out the door to my first day of total freedom

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      SSauer said...

      Your link to your Packing List doesn't work.

      It's good to see a list of your possible places to check out, since you never have an answer when I ask. :o)

      I'd like to see a post on all the countries you eventually want to check out, like where is Russia on the list? And if you go to Australia, I want to meet up and do some cool shit! haha We just have to sedate Mike for the plane ride!

      Anyway, I look forward to seeing your progress as it's made.