Sunday, March 20, 2011

Packing List

In just a few short months this is everything in the world I will own. None of it has been purchased yet, so it will be interesting to compare what is currently on the list vs. what will be in my bag when I leave. Better yet, what will be in there when I return!?!?!

My current goal is to carry a 30L or smaller pack that is under 20 pounds fully loaded. It seems this load is uncommonly light for the typical backpacker/traveler, but I feel that cutting into the travel budget a tad for a little higher end gear is worth the extra cost in the long run. The better gear is typically lighter weight and packs down much smaller.

The plan is to read as much as possible about each item needed, try it out if it is available at local outdoor stores, and purchase it. I will then use each item as much as I can before leaving to see if its going to work for me or if something better can be found.

Everything that does not have a link yet is still undecided. 


T-shirts (wool) x 3                                                   WHY WOOL?   About Merino Wool
Minus 33, Icebreaker and Smartwool are all good brands for all of your merino wool outerwear.

Convertible Pants (nylon) x 1The North Face Paramount Peak Convertible Pants were the only worthy pair that come in a dark gray (asphalt). They also have a 10" shorts inseam which is 2" longer than many other brands. They are lightweight, durable and have a ton of useful pockets and even a low profile zippered pocket to stash your bigger bills.

Underwear (wool) x 3-5

Socks (wool) x 3-5 Depends on the shoes I get.

Bathing suit 

Long underwear (wool) tops and bottoms

Beanie (wool)

Jacket (down or synthetic)

Gloves (probably wool- unsure)

Hat. Though I like the idea of picking up a new inexpensive hat in every region I visit.

Rain Gear (unsure, might pack a lightweight umbrella instead. However the additional layer will really help keep warmth in in extremely cold climates)



Sun Glasses. Cheapy pair



Dental Floss


Multipurpose soap (for hair, body and light clothes washing)

Toilet paper

Wet Wipes (Doubt these are available outside of developed countries)

Pack Towel

First Aid

Still unsure what is needed so list will most likely change or at least be added to.


Motion Sickness medication/ Anti-nausea

Tramadol (for major back pain)

Sleeping Aid (for overnight trains, planes and automobiles where I most likely will have issues sleeping)

Antibiotics (for bad illnesses) Cypro?

Imodium or something stronger?

?Malaria pills? (unsure)

Nail Clippers

Lip Balm. Probably Burts Bees


Razor (will need to be purchased locally due to TSA)


Electronics and Gadgets

Netbook (probably 10.2") Waiting for a good deal on Slickdeals.Net

Universal plug adapter. Not currently available.

Camera (waterproof/shockproof)

Small flexy camera tripod for video and self portraits. They make a few different models, so make sure you get the one appropriate for your cameras weight.

Battery Charger (for headlamp and camera batteries, should charge both AA and AAA and possibly charge off of USB)

Headlamp or Headlanp    Petzl Makes great headlamps and the Zipka is the obvious choice for its compact size, reliability and ruggedness.

Ipod/cell phone/ Calculator (may jailbreak my Iphone to use)

Other Odds and Ends
Aloksak Dry Bags

Light My Fire Spork

Business Cards



International Drivers License (easily obtained through AAA)

Vaccine Certificates

Fake Student ID ( I have read that you can buy these in a few different places and are well worth it for the discounts)

Credit Cards/ Bank Cards

Some type of handkerchief or small rag

Deck of cards

Small Compass

Money Belt

Wire Lock and Padlocks (for locking my gear while sleeping or while I'm away from it)


Silk sleeping bag liner (for sleeping in questionable beds)

GoToobs (for storing soaps/toothpaste/sunscreen)  

Ear Plugs and Eye Mask (to assist with beauty sleep)

Pen and Paper (note writing, Pictionary and communication across language barriers)

P-38 Can Opener (if I can sneak this past TSA, it will be very helpful with canned goods and light cutting duty)

Platypus water canteen or hydration system (unsure)

Duct Tape (a million uses) 

Backpack (how else am I going to hold my 98 items?)

This sounds like a lot of stuff and not easily packable in a small bag, but I hope that it is not only packable but that I have a bit of extra room in my pack for adding additional items on the go and for easily getting to things without dumping the whole bag. I intend for the bag to be one of the last things purchased after seeing how small I can pack everything else.

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SSauer said...

Did you stick with Dr. Bronner’s soap? What's your review on it and did you only try the almond scented one?